What we don't want to be: Another inappropriate shop offering cheap cloth and questionable service of people who you would not like to date in real life and give away their service for unprofitable deals.

We stand aside the mass of our business, inherit the belief that you don't need to hide your fetish and that you can expect the same class and quality in your special dreams than in every other part of your life. For high standards should be your standards - now and always.

We concentrate on good service, high quality cloths and first class members - with fair deals for everyone. Bringing real luxury in your world for a satisfied sexual experience without contrition or concerns.

We offer high quality features - including cloth worn by men or the personal, hand-written letters for the personalization of your experience.

We offer high quality service - starting with our providers and their lingerie, expanding to the clean experience on our site.

We offer high security standards - German web servers and no data delivery to third parties.

We also offer all of this with easy, reliable systems for the profit of all!

Test out for free, convince yourself of our quality and be happy and satisfied on a long term! 'Cause you are as special as your fantasies!