You want to satisfy your desire for used lingerie but you don't trust all the cheap and dirty made sites out there where you don't know who really is selling the cloth?

You don't feel attached to "cheap" girls with cheap pictures and cheap cloths because you like to play in CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? 

You are looking for lingerie with the sweet scent of high quality girls and boys on high quality fabric! 

We give you the possibility to feel as special as you really are and also to make the supplier of your dreams feel a bit more luxury.

Maybe you also have some more exclusive addon wish like the application of a golden shower or a hand written letter  of your favourite lady or gentleman, stating out your own special relation? 

We want you to feel like you were on a real date with real high quality women or men. You choose your favourite and she or he will wear the finest lingerie on your order, offering you a satisfying surprise with a sweet scent when opening your box. 

Test our site and have a look on our beautiful boys and girls! You only pay when you order a cloth of your choice!

You can travel into our rabbit hole and if you like to you stay, you can help us to offer this exquisite service and steadily grow with new features - for you.

As a highlight we host our site on German servers with maximized security standards and reduce the input and holding of data to minimal necessary information. Also we act as escrow for payments, ensuring the money is only delivered to our vendors after shipping your order - giving you the most secure experience for enjoying your fragrant dreams.

How it works - easy and secure:  
1. Visit our shop
2. Choose the vendor of your dreams
3. Choose the kind of cloth you'd like to get and let it be prepared as you wish
4. After we get a confirmation by the vendor, we will send you the payment orders
4. Pay the money to us as escrow to be stored until a shipping confirmation for your order is created (PayPal for most secure transfers and customer protection)
5. Your ordered cloth will be prepared
6. After shipping confirmation is transmitted, the money will be transfered to the vendor
7. You will receive your personal box filled with all the sweet dreams you ordered
8. Give us feedback to so we can always improve our service for you

We evaluate your feedback on a regular base and ban bad vendors for optimizing your experience!