To minimize any risk for your privacy we therefore recommend to consider a few simple rules:  

  1. For protection of your banking- / PayPal- Account, the payment is made via an escrow account and delivered to the vendor after subtraction of our commission fee
  2. As a seller, never write your own real address on parcels. Instead, use fake data that do not exist. If you are unsure, you also can use our address as shipper, as long as shippment is done inside EU. As premium service we will offer additional services, like privacy transportlabels, in future to also prevent loss of return parcels and further enhance your exprience with our community
  3. Never post a picture of your face, individual tattooes or private data. Use sexy possibilities to cover sensitive areas, like venetian masks on your face or hiding tattooes under fabric / using different angles so they're not visible. You can also pixelate risky areas of your picture