You want to earn money by selling used underwear and you know that you are a high quality girl or man who can offer good and special service, so you want to have according income?

We offer the possiblity to achive exactly what you dream of - by fulfilling dreams for others! With our special service, addon features and the possibility to also sell as male or transgender, we are about to become the best address to deal with sweet scented lingerie for all who desire a high quality experience in Europe.

Just step into our rabbit hole and find out - we don't charge you as long as you are not selling products, you just pay with a fixed percentage of your income when you really start to sell your cloth.

As special highlight we host our site on German servers with maximized security standards - giving you the most secure experience for earning some luxury with your scented cloth. 

We recommend to create your own "brand" - develop a typical style, use according cloths you show in your pictures and build up your own fan base. This will help to keep a luxury, special note to your service and make you unique!

How it works - easy and secure: 

1. Create your profile 

2. Get verified & upload pictures

3. We will publish your offer after verification

4. Receive orders your customer made 

5. Wear high quality lingerie 

6. Purify with addons 

7. Send order to customer 

8. Get your paycheck to your PayPal account (auto adjusted for our commission fee)

9. If you want to, edit your profile/articles

10. If you decide to deactivate your offering temporarily or persistantly, simply write to our profile support with a declaration of what you like to do, you profile name, the stored email and your date of birth. After validation, we will disable your offer instantly.

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ATTENTION: We evaluate customer feedback on a regular base and ban bad vendors for optimizing customer experience!